Tonya Lester

Tonya Lester


Tonya Lester’s main goal is to help people improve their relationship or start a new one, and change it completely, achieving a much higher level of satisfaction. She believes that the key to happy relationships, romantic as well as all other relationships, is self-knowledge, self-cognition, and also understanding other people’s motivation, goals, and personal boundaries.
She has created and adapted her formula that helps people better understand themselves and their potential partners, step by step, transform into better, more confident, happier versions of themselves, and find good partners who can make them happy.

Tonya believes that her technique is especially useful for people who use online dating sites, in particular, international dating sites. She says that in such circumstances, we may feel very insecure, not confident enough, and the experience that could be positive can become very confusing (in the best-case scenario). Tonya has a master’s degree in Social Work and not only writes content for RussBrides but also consults couples and individuals all over the country.

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