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K1 Visa Cost 2021—Total Cost Of The Fiancee Visa

K1 Visa Cost 2021—Total Cost Of The Fiancee Visa

To marry a foreign spouse in the US, you are required to obtain a K1 visa, which is not free. Knowing how much is a K1 visa and what makes up the final K1 visa cost will help you be prepared and plan your marriage budget more effectively. Let’s in detail explore how much does a K1 visa cost.

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How much is a K1 visa?

Even though a fiance visa is a legal document, the cost of K1 visa may vary depending on stated and variable expenses. On average, the price is from $1,200 to $3,000. But as you can see, the gap is quite big, so let’s explore all fixed expenses of the K1 fiance visa cost. But before that, read our in-depth guide about peculiarities of marriage and fiance visa types, so you can find out more ways for marrying a non-US citizen.

k1 visa fiancee applying
  1. USCIS Filing Fee—$535—This is the fee that goes along with Form I-129F and is required to be paid to get started with your K-1 visa petition.
  2. Embassy Fee—$265—A fixed fee paid in the final stages of the K1 visa application process.
  3. Affidavit of Support Fee—$120.00—paid by the petitioner who meets 125% of HHS Poverty Guidelines and agrees to become a ‘sponsor’ of the fiancee coming to live in the US.

So, the total fixed cost is $920. In addition, you can use Free Calculator, a tool that will ask questions to help determine your fee, offered by the USCIS official website.

Variable fiance visa costs

Variable expenses are to blame for existing confusion of how much is a K1 visa total. As for some components of the price, the sum can vary depending on the country, you should know them to calculate the cost applicable to your situation. Here are changeable expenses of the fiance visa:

  • Medical Exam—around $60-$300. The cost varies depending on the country of your interview. But medical exams can be performed only by accredited physicians, and the US Consulate determines a facility where you can pass the examination. The medical fee is paid to a clinic directly.
  • Travel expenses—vary. Traveling to the USA can bring different expenses to the fiance depending on the country of her origin. For example, a roundtrip ticket from China to New York costs $3,872, and a roundtrip ticket from Colombia to the same destination is only about $200 (you can also explore a detailed information on Russian bride cost here). Also, trips to the US Consulate if the girl is not living in the same city add extra expenses.
  • Assistance—vary. Any additional consultations or lawyer assistance can add up to $1,500 to your total. However, you can pay $0 if you don’t use any paid aid.

Also, don’t forget to budget for postage, the cost of acquiring certain evidence like bank statements or bank statements, passport fees, and translation services.

love couple paid for k1 visa cost

How much is a K1 visa total?

The cost for a K1 visa is $920 of fixed fees, around $100 for a medical exam, and $1,000 for travel expenses. All of that, in total, made up about $2,020 of the K1 visa cost. Also, you can file an I-485 Form (‘Adjustment of Status’ application) to get a green card which includes a $1,114 fee plus $85 for biometrics. But that is only an average price, as the final sum can be calculated only for each case individually. 

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The total cost of the K1 visa is changeable. You need to consider prices in your foreign fiance’s country to get a number tailored to your case. But as you know everything that comes into the cost from our ultimate K1 visa guide, you can get a final sum without trouble.

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