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JollyRomance Site Review

JollyRomance Site Review

The dating industry has changed in recent years, where people have adopted online dating as a way of getting partners. Nowadays, the world is crazy and getting the right person to build a lasting relationship is quite a difficult task. In the past, it was comfortable to get assisted by relatives, friends, and even relatives, but today, such work is left to dating platforms.

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The internet has made life easier. Online dating means using social platforms to initiative intimate relationships which can either be mobile applications or websites. Looking for a partner is simple nowadays. Create a profile and start scanning potential lovers, and make interactions with them. Online dating has dramatically simplified the work a man looking for a spouse has to do to get a girlfriend or a wife. You no longer need to walk into people’s houses and their places of work, trying to ask them if they would be interested in an affair with you. Things are easy nowadays, identify a good dating platform from and search for girls who are willing to get into a romantic relationship with you.

Jolly Romance is aware that you have tried everything possible in looking for your better half and that you don’t want to live alone any longer. It is easier than ever before, all you need is an internet connection, a device to access dating platforms, and of course willingness to seek a spouse.

Overview of the Jolly Romance dating site

Tired of wasting your precious time on dating websites that don’t seem to have the person you are looking for? JollyRomance understands what you have gone through and is ready to offer a solution.

It is affordable to everyone and has a user-friendly and welcoming interface that greets you with a thousand girls waiting.

The number of registered members in JollyRomance has increased to over 200,000 in the recent past, which is a clear indication that its services are top-notch.

First impression

On navigating to Jolly Romance, an impressive and welcoming impression greats you. It is appealing understandable and has an interface that is easy to use. It doesn’t beat around the bush but takes you straight into serious business which means that there is no unnecessary information because it employs the use of a minimalist design without unnecessary colors.

How to set your profile

At the signup page, specify who you are by providing very basic information:

  • gender
  • name
  • date of birth
  • contact email
jollyromance profile settings

After you have made an on what defines you and then make sure to set a password you can always remember, indicate that you understand and agree with the terms and conditions offered by the site. If everything is okay, click apply to register.

If already registered, go directly to the “Login” button; supply the registered email address and the set password after which you are able to log in and scan for a partner.

Immediately after submitting your application through a click on the register button, the window that comes up requires you to fill out a short questionnaire. The goal of this questionnaire is to customize the search and get an ideal partner easily. It starts with questions on the kind of partner a user is seeking and then narrows down into personal questions. After filling or skipping the questionnaire, upload a profile image and click finish.

Users can skip the interview, but it is good to take the short questionnaire by clicking the “Let’s Do It!” button because it will make it easy for you to get a perfect match.

On making a selection on what you need, the next window asks the user to insert the age of the preferred person that should be between 18 and 90 years. The questions go on one after the other, and all you need to do is to click “Next” or “Skip”.

After completing the questionnaire on the kind of partner you need, the window that comes up requires you to fill in the information relating to you. Once done with the entire survey, you are welcomed by attractive images, a sample of partners who fit your requirements. If you find any of them interesting, meet up. You can then click “complete” and interact with thousands of members until you get the right one.

Searching and sorting of registered members

On Jolly Romance you can search for an impressive partner using any of the search methods provided. Sort among the thousands of women and send a message to the best.

There are two ways of searching for a potential mate. You can use either a primary or advanced search. You can search and sort before making a payment, but for communication to be possible, you must pay.

jollyromance extended search

The advanced search allows the user to apply various filters while searching for a potential mate. The filters include age, religion, height, education, city, children, among others. Basic search allows for focusing only on your desired partner.

Access to the platform

On Jolly Romance images of registered members and their ages can be seen, reasons why you should join, information relating to the site, how to remain safe, and membership subscriptions. After signing up, users are able to use the platform to the fullest. Before signing up, you can only peep and have no chance of getting into a talk with any of the beauty queens.

Communication in Jolly Romance platform

Jolly Romance understands that communication is vital and therefore offers a few means of communication, which includes:

  • messages
  • emails
  • making presents and gifts
jollyromance chat

Payments for the service

Before you can read and send messages, you must buy “credits” which starts at 20 credits at $9.99. Pay safely for the credits by using a bank, credit or debit card. Besides that, you can purchase some other options:

$9.99 – 20 credits
$19.99 – 50 credits
$44.99 – 125 credits
$69.99 – 250 credits

jollyromance presents

Simplicity use

The site is meant to make your life easy. The navigation has been designed in a compact design to make interactions and daily search as easy as possible. It is very simple to interact with the thousands of cute women who are already resisted.

Help and support

The site has ready to help customer care staff whom you can contact at any time of the day or night. Contacts can be seen at the bottom of the website. Also, there is a FAQ page where most of the issues members face are settled. But if you need specialized support, you can always contact the customer care staff through any of the available means.

Information on a registered member profile

A user’s profile in the Jolly Romance platform shows the following information:

  • Age
  • Children
  • Religious affiliations
  • Marital Status
  • Occupation
  • Literacy levels based on the education attained

Strengths and Weaknesses of the site


  • Plenty of people ready to mingle and establish lasting relationships
  • Provides a way of engaging in communication with more romantic people than in real life
  • Allows new people to meet and interact conveniently
  • Tight security and information remain confidential


  • You must pay to read and send messages
  • You interact with strangers

Closing Remarks

If you have been dreaming of having a Slavic beauty, set up a profile on JollyRomance.com. It is the best platform in finding a beautiful Ukrainian or Russian queen and you can be sure of success. Do not live alone anymore, signup, and interact.

Good Luck!

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