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10 Facts On What Are Russian Women Like: Why are Russian Women So Pretty?

10 Facts On What Are Russian Women Like: Why are Russian Women So Pretty?

Russian women are known to be hot and beautiful but are they really? If you are wondering what do Russian women look like in real life or if all of them are long-legged blondes—you are in the right place. Learn what are Russian singles like and find out why are Russian women so beautiful.

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What are Russian women like? 10 Facts

To understand the real beauty of Russian women it’s important to know that Russia is a huge country with more than 120 ethnic groups. Even though the female beauty may vary depending on the region you are in, there are still a lot of things that are common to all Russian women.

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  1. Russian girls are unconsciously beautiful. Despite the world’s praising of Russian beauty, quite a lot of girls from Russia consider themselves quite average.
  2. They have very attractive bodies. 90% of 25-34 years old women in Russia have normal BMI (<25) which is usually perceived as attractive.
  3. Russian ladies are very different. Approximately 70% of the population in Russia have brown eyes, but in the Moscow and St. Petersburg area close to Moscow, the eye color tends to be gray or bluish (territory of ethnic Russians). Also, hazel, green and light-blown, and yellowish eyes are very common.
  4. Ethnically Russian women are blondes. Natural blonde color is very common for Ethnic Russians as stereotypical Russian woman does not typically have black hair. But if we are talking about multiethnic modern Russian, Asian and Turkic women have very dark hair.
  5. These gorgeous girls are always well-dressed. Another reason why are Russian women so pretty is that they always strive to look elegant, neat, and clean. Beautiful Russian women are always dressed up for the occasion.

This is what are Russian women like in regards to appearance. Unfortunately, due to pop culture and media, Russian girls get too much of one-sided attention and are usually praised only for beauty or known for similarity between Russian and Ukrainian brides, but Russian ladies have much more to offer to their men than just genes and sense of style. Here are 5 facts about Russian girls’ mentality, habits, and character that will show you their inner beauty, too.

  1. Loving & nurturing. Traditional and socially adequate family values make Russian women very caring and loving partners.
  2. Intelligent & wise. Russian girls are usually very smart and have high IQs. In fact, 94% of 25-64 year-olds hold at least an upper secondary qualification and 63% have a higher education.
  3. Sporty. Contrary to a popular belief, not all Russian women smoke or drink, and not even the majority of them. In fact only 14.3% smoke regularly and 1% can be classified as problem drinkers. Also, 25% of women regularly do some kind of sport activity.
  4. Kind & generous. Hospitality is an inbound trait of Russian people. That is why beautiful Russian women are very welcoming and love hosting guests.

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There is a lot more to explore about Russian women as they have a unique combination of tender beauty and inherently very strong character that you won’t find anywhere else.

Why are Russian women so beautiful?

The standard of beauty is quite a subjective matter and totally depends on how you perceive it. According to the recent research Russian ladies are usually seen as very attractive due to such attributes:

  • Facial and skin appearance—roughly 70%
  • Sense of style—69%
  • Sexiness—67%
  • Hairstyling—65%
  • Body weight and shape—63%
  • Youthfulness—56%
  • Makeup—41%

These main attributes make Russian women beautiful. Some of them are born into and others are achieved by a healthy lifestyle, self-care, and sport.

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The bottom line

Cross-cultural dating can be very difficult, but stunning Russian women are worth the effort. Their natural beauty is incredibly alluring but what makes them so desired is the beauty of their soul.

Jane Adams
Jane Adams is a psychologist, personal coach, and author. She writes for RussBrides sharing her knowledge and experience in the psychology of family relationships with our readers and us. Jane believes that self-knowledge helps people get rid of fears and doubts and develop the right strategy in everything, including online dating.

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