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AnastasiaDate Site Review

AnastasiaDate Site Review

The internet makes dating so easy for anyone. Your personality doesn’t matter because here both introverts and extroverts get laid. But if you choose to go this route, understand that it’s not a walk in the park. But not every site you come across will suit you. This means you have to sit behind your PC for hours comparing websites before enrolling. Before we go further, let’s point out this: no matter the dry spell, loneliness or whatever the reason you want a woman, steer clear from free services. They are full of bullshit — yeah, that’s the truth.

Now, out of the thousands that offer paid plans, only a few are reliable. Some are expensive for no good reason and others are scam camps run by broke programmers who pimp you up to beautiful chatbots (LoL). So what could be the best solution? Anastasia Date. Somehow, out of the extreme madness taking place on dating sites, there some serenity on Anastasia Date. In this review, we will discuss their structural design, charges, services, strengths, and flaws. This should help you decide if it’s good for you or not.

Brief History

anastasiadate main screen

Anastasia Date is almost as old as the Internet itself. Launched decades ago, this service’s core mission is to link Western men to Eastern European girls from Russia, Czech, Ukraine, etc. With their mantra “love knows no boundaries,” they’ve been able to help so many people find true lovers.

As of this writing, this platform is home to millions of users who log in frequently to make new friendships that end in fruitful relationships. While free-riders can enjoy a few services, your chances of getting someone worthy increase with paid services.

The company is owned by SOL Networks Limited and has physical offices in Sliema, Malta. Now, as you can see, Anastasia Date is a real service with real location unlike some that don’t mention their physical addresses.

Design Outlook

Any magnificent website will lose its charm and usefulness if a visitor can’t figure out what move to make. Some dating sites think throwing everything in your face makes choosing easier when in the real sense, they are doing the opposite.

AnastasiaDate’s website is well-organized, good-looking and clutter-free. Everything is laid out well in eye-friendly colors. Since sign-ups are important to them, that’s the section you’ll see first. As you scroll down, you see other sections that cover vital issues like safety, third-party certifications, anastasiadate.com reviews from previous users and much more.

Put simply: this service values professionalism and that can be reflected in their site’s design. However, its structural layout does bear resemblance to a few other dating sites. We bet this is a move to make things a bit familiar for new users coming from other platforms.

Registration Process

anastasiadate registration page

It takes somewhere between 3 to 5 minutes to wrap up the registration process. You can sign up to the platform by using an email or Facebook account. In the case of the former, you’ll need to click on the confirmation link to ascertain your membership.

After signing up, you’ll be able to browse profiles of other members for free. However, we do recommend completing your profile to improve the chances of getting a date as fast as possible. After all, no one wants to spend so many months on a paid site.

Number of Users

Anastasia Date is one of the few online dating platforms with an overwhelming number of female members. For someone who doesn’t want to go through so much trouble, such a massive number means it won’t take long before you get the right match.

The site is mainly composed of Slavic girls from Ukraine, Russia, Czech, and other Eastern European countries. There is one thing we have to agree on: whenever an organization or company expands quickly, some things start to lag behind. The same happens with profile verification. Nevertheless, they are always running background checks to ensure scams don’t overpopulate their site.

What about the quality of the girls? Most of them are drop-dead gorgeous-model material. This could probably beg the question of why they couldn’t find a guy in their own countries. The truth is there are people who would love to date them. It’s just that many of them entertain the idea of getting married abroad.

A larger percentage of the women range between the ages of 19-40. You can get someone with a kid, college education, fluid English speaking skills amongst many other things. Use the search bar to pull up profiles that interest you the most.

anastasiadate profile page


They don’t charge anything to sign up and browse profiles. But the moment you find someone worth talking to, the billing starts. Like other paid dating sites, this one too uses a credit system. This is where you purchase credits using real currency.

Here is how the billing system works: every action you take on the site warranties a certain number of credits. The bigger the action, the more you get charged.

Live chat is the cheapest correspondence mode and is billed at 1 credit per minute. Since the characters are limited in live chat, email gives you an opportunity to say more at only 10 credits per each. Video chats, on the other hand, are billed at 6 credits per minute.

There are two ways you can pay for credits on Anastasia Date-PayPal and credit card. VISA, MasterCard and American Express are a few of the accepted cards.

What happens if I get scammed?

You get reimbursed in the case when a member scams you. Bear in mind that not all cases apply. Here are the few common events that qualify reimbursements:

  • If a user keeps requesting for expensive gifts and presents only to disappear a short while later. In such cases, he or she gets banned.
  • If a user misidentifies themselves-for instance, the use of someone else’s profile to talk with you. In this case, you will get back all the credit used.
  • A member fails to point out valuable info or fakes some part of their profile details. This info could include things like age, the number of kids, gender, marital status, etc. During such an event, the member gets banned and all your credit spent is returned.

If a mistake happens in translating a letter, a member fails to reply to an email, quits on a relationship, wears a ring or uses a nickname, you don’t get reimbursed.

Special Features

In the wake of so many costly services, AnastasiaDate tries to provide you with the most affordable way to meet new lovers. Therefore, some of its features are not extremely high-end. A few of the special services you can get include:

  • Camshare — this a video call communication that gives you the privilege to see the person you are talking to in real life. Camshare is among the costly packages, so be ready to spend a bit more.
  • Phone calls — this service allows members to talk to each other via calls. Like videos, this helps you deepen your connection and at the same time know how the other person sounds like. Most calls, however, are three ways because there might be a need for an interpreter.
  • Presents and flowers — аction speaks louder than words and we can all agree with that. Since this dating service acts as a middleman, you can send over any form of gifts including flowers to them and they will be delivered to your date. Furthermore, they have an extensive catalog of virtual gifts that you can send directly via a live chat.
  • Dating App — not everyone can access PC on the go. But we all carry phones with us, don’t we? This service has a mobile app that is accessible to both Android and iPhone users. This will allow you to log in from anywhere and at any time.
  • Search — a search bar helps in locating profiles that fit a particular threshold. This tool comes in two ways; simple and advanced. The latter pulls up data based on factors such as the number of kids, education level, habits, height, body type and many more. The former works around age, online status, and verification state.
anastasiadate search bar

Safety and Security

AnastasiaDate takes the security of its customers seriously. While they haven’t made it clear if they verify the identity of their members, it’s clear they are always ready to take action in case of malpractice.

All the payment transactions that happen both on the website and the app are masked through a multi-layer security protocol. Your network connection goes through Verisign to ensure no single detail gets off the site.

But no one can ever afford to be too careful. This means you need to take some precautions from your end too. For example, you should never send money to another member until when your relationship is mature enough to be taken off the platform. Also, you are caution against exchanging personal contacts via video and live chats. These rules are there to keep you safe-not hinder you.

Extremely affordableSome profiles go unverified — this means users have to know how to vet who they are chatting with
An overwhelming number of female users
Presence of a mobile app
Easy to sign up and use
Advanced search tool
Safe and secure
Friendly-reimbursement policies

Bottom Line

From the registration to the final meetup, AnastasiaDate makes everything as smooth as possible. As a new member, you’ll have so many options to pick from. Thanks to the few special services available, you will be able to improve your communication and most certainly fall in love.

We have already pointed out in this Anastasia Date review that the site hosts so many girls. Therefore some of them have not been cross-checked by the admins. This means you need to use your better judgment to know if someone is really interested in a real relationship or your money.

Nevertheless, there are so many motivating reviews from people who’ve had success with this service. If you do everything right, you too will succeed. Happy hunting!

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