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Price Of Dating Russian Women—How Much Do Russian Brides Cost?

Price Of Dating Russian Women—How Much Do Russian Brides Cost?

Many guys that are into gorgeous Russian ladies suppose that they can’t afford dating a lovely Russian single, a woman who lives abroad. But in reality, the Russian bride cost is not as sky-high, only around $2,200. Let’s make a breakdown of real Russian mail order brides cost and all factors that influence it.

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Your dating way defines Russian brides cost

You have two ways to marry a Russian single. You can either meet her in person or use a dating site. Each of the options has pros and cons, but your choice will define the Russian brides cost. So, pick the dating way carefully to match your personal needs, expectations and don’t break the bank.

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How much are Russian mail order brides if you date online?

Almost everyone who has ever considered seeking a wife in Russia wondered how much do Russian brides cost. But it’s not a one-price-fits-all situation. Many factors and your personal choices have an influence on how much you’ll spend dating online.

Membership and cost of services

Some Russian dating sites and Russian women personals have membership fees and various price ranges. On average platforms offer a few membership options:

  1. Platinum Membership: 1 Month—$39.99, 3 Months—$79.98, 12 Months—$159.99
  2. Gold Membership: 1 Month—$34.99, 3 Months—$69.98, 12 Months—$139.99

If you choose a yearly subscription, you’ll get the best value, as the price per month tends to decrease. This is why selecting the best platform for dating is extremely important. The choice of the site influences not only the effectiveness of your search but also the money you’ll spend dating.

Some platforms don’t have any obligatory membership fees, but they work on a credit basis. That means that you are charged only for the services that you use without any hidden fees. Usually, there are different credit packs available:

  • $3.99—20 credits
  • $19.99—50 credits
  • $44.99—125 credits
  • $69.99—250 credits
  • $149.99—750 credits

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The main benefit of using credit-based websites is that you can start and stop dating whenever you want and no fees will be charged. Also, there is no pressure to use a certain service or feature, you can use anything that feels comfortable to you.

Let’s explore the main services on dating sites and average prices for them. But note that sites differ, just as there is difference between Ukrainian and Russian women, so it’s always a good idea to check the prices before joining so as not to be caught unexpectedly. We have taken a popular site AmourFactory to discuss its prices and show the average sums you can pay on a modern dating platform. The current credit price starts at $3.99 for 20 credits, but depending on a particular site you decide you use, prices may vary.

  1. Registration, browsing profiles, using the search tool, and seeing all public pictures and info—free of charge
  2. Mail —10 credits for the first letter and 30 the next ones.
  3. ‘Let’s Talk’—2 credits per minute of communication with message templates. Perfect for guys, who feel a bit shy approaching beautiful women.
  4. Chat—only 2 credits per minute and is the quickest way to start a conversation with a hot Russian beauty.
  5. Gifts/Flowers—prices vary depending on an item you choose, and there is usually a great selection. For example, a bouquet of red roses will cost you 599 credits and a bottle of perfume will be around 1299 credits.

Now you are aware of how much is a Russian mail order bride if you choose to date through an online dating site. Taking average prices listed above, you can see that costs start from $35 and on average an American spends $243 on online dating per year. So, see what budget feels more suitable to you and covers your needs to provide the best possible experience and result.

How much does a Russian mail order bride cost if you date IRL?

Even with meeting a Russian girl online, Americans still fly over to Russia to meet their brides for real dates, which makes visiting the country a great development of your long-distance relationship. Russia is unique, picturesque and you can experience the culture, traditions and meet real girls just by walking the streets of Moscow (it’s even possible to find Ukrainian wife there). If you are asking yourself how much does a Russian bride cost changes if you start looking for your destiny IRL, here’s what to expect.

A vast part of the average cost of a Russian mail order bride is traveling expenses, regardless if you choose to visit the country to search for your wife or if you just visit your Russian girlfriend you’ve met online. Here is an estimate for a two-week trip to Russia, based on Skyscanner.com and Budgetyourtrip.com:

  1. A round-trip ticket (New York–Moscow)—approximately $700
  2. Accommodation—$840 per person
  3. Food—$196 per person
  4. Transportation—$71 per person
  5. Entertainment expenses—around $420 for two

So the final Russian mail order bride price is around $2,200. It is quite affordable to travel to Russia. This is why the final cost of your future wife is quite affordable. And if you compare it to the money you spend on dates in your local area, you will see that the cost is approximately the same.

But the downside of looking for a wife without a dating site is first of all in not knowing where to look for a suitable match. Also, there is always a language barrier, as only a small percentage of people speak good English. However, despite it being hard it’s possible to meet a stunning Russian lady who may become your wife one day. Women are so beautiful in Russia that you’ll notice that regardless of where you go.

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Final thoughts

So, how much is a Russian bride? The gorgeous Russian wife’s price may vary, but it consist of traveling to your brides country and online dating expences. Only you control your money so you can tailor your dating budget to your desires. So, pick a trustworthy dating site and start your love story with a gorgeous Russian woman today.

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