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Typical Russian Girls: Are The Russian Stereotypes True Or False?

Typical Russian Girls: Are The Russian Stereotypes True Or False?

We have been discussing beautiful women for ages, and the more we discuss, the more misconceptions arise. For example, there are a lot of Russian women stereotypes. A stereotypical Russian woman image in the media that influences how Russian ladies are perceived by foreigners. Some of them are true and others not, and we are here to find out what is the deal with the main ones.

10 common Russian women stereotypes—debunked!

As Russian stereotypes are just an oversimplified idea of what Russian women look and behave in real life, they tend to be quite misleading. We want to explore 10 of the most popular.

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All Russian women look like models

People often have unrealistic expectations about typical Russian girls, that are caused by the misportrayal in the media. The standardized image of Russian beauty kills the uniqueness and diversity of the women in the country. Even though ethnic Russian girls are indeed blue or light green-eyed blondes, modern beauties are more than just that. As Russia is a huge, multiethnic country you can meet almost any type of woman: blondes, brunettes, redheads, straight or curly hair, and various skin tones. Also, you can even meet beauties that look like Asians in the East of Russia (Ural and Siberia), which explains the look. So, there is no stereotypical Russian look that can be applied to all girls in the country.

Russian women are airhead dolls

Many people think that Russian women care about nothing but having a Sugar Daddy. But in reality, it is just another Russian woman stereotype. Education is really valued and getting it is encouraged in Russia. The majority of beautiful girls have a master’s degree and are employed as most of Ukraine ladies seeking for marriage.

Vodka is Russian water

We hope that in the 21st century, no one believes that Russian women are drinking vodka with bears while playing the balalaikas. Only around 1% of women have problems with alcohol. The reason for such Russian girl stereotypes is that the legal drinking age in Russia is 18, which is 3 years less than in the USA.

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Russian singles want to date only rich men

Some gorgeous Russian women want a prosperous future and are willing to secure it in any way. But the thing is that this stereotype can apply to any girl that has aspirations in life and wants to have a better future. Modern Russian beauties are looking for love, equality, and care on Russian women personal sites. They tend to choose the man who loves them instead of someone with money but no real feelings.

Russian women want to be saved from Russia

This stereotype goes hand in hand with the previous one. The misconception that all hot Russian girls want to marry a guy from a Western country and get a green card is deeply rooted in the global mentality. Immigration is not an easy step and not all women from Russia want to leave their loved ones and start everything from scratch abroad.

Beauties from Russia have straightforward character

Another true stereotype. People in Russia are striving to show true emotions. They don’t laugh out loud unless they are happy and don’t sugarcoat anything if they don’t like it. This makes dating a Russian is quite refreshing, as you get an honest opinion each time you need it.

They are too emotional

When you meet any Russian girl you won’t buy this stereotype, as these beauties tend to be quite distant and cold with strangers. But when you melt the ice, you will see the hidden fragility and tenderness. With honesty, there comes a spectrum of positive emotions.

A lot of skincare is a common thing

When you are looking at a typical Russian girl and see how gorgeous she is, it’s easy to assume that she has a crazy 20-step beauty routine. The stereotype is partly true, women in Russia tend to care about their beauty and looks, but there is nothing crazy in their beauty routines. This trait is very common among Ukrainian ladies, too (you can also find difference between Ukrainian and Russian women here).

Russian ladies don’t work and want to be housewives

Another popular Russian girl stereotype is a miss. The majority, 60% of Russian girls in particular, are employed and care about self-development. Still, a lot of beauties do want to have big families and usually take care of all household chores.

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Final thoughts

As you can see a lot of the stereotypes that you’ve heard about stunning Russian women are just misconceptions that were born in the media. In most cases, stereotypes can’t be applied to the majority and are rather exceptions. So, if any stereotype was stopping you from dating a hot Russian girlfriend, nothing is holding you back.

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