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AmourFeel Site Review

AmourFeel Site Review

In the past, online dating was considered an unconventional way of getting a lover. The practice seemed to oppose the mainstream culture, but things have changed considerably. Millions of people confess to having given online dating a try. Studies reveal that approximately 35% of people who married since 2005, first met online. Over the years since its inception, the number of people who feel it is an excellent way of meeting potential lovers has drastically grown.

Countless dating sites have come up to offer a variety of lovers that meet everyone’s taste and preference. The sites differ in various ways where some of them protect users from spam, gets a good match for you, and shields you from fraudsters. By reading this Amour Feel review to the end, you will be able to rate Amour Feel and decide whether it is worth your time and money.

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The primary purpose of the site is to make it convenient for people to meet and interact. The number of active users has risen over the years because of the availability of various communication methods and high levels of satisfaction. The rise shows that satisfaction level is high and more communication options became available. If you are interested in using the site, you must sign up into being a full member.

The Registration Process – How to Become a Full Member

The registration process is straightforward and takes a short moment to complete. It is self-explanatory, and all you have to do is supply basic information relating to you. The first thing is to make a selection on whether you are a man seeking a girlfriend or a woman seeking a boyfriend. The next thing is filling your:

  • name
  • date of birth (day, month, and year)
  • your email
  • password

Before you can click register, which means submitting the information you have filled, you are required to ascertain that you have read and understood the terms and conditions of the platform.

The Platform’s Appearance

AmourFeel has a very concise and appealing interface that doesn’t overwhelm with unnecessary things. It applies minimalistic design with a lovely color scheme that makes it attractive, just like the partner you are seeking. In a few words, the site is welcoming, easy to use, and poses no complications to the user.

The site has a navigation bar with a few menu items – Search, Faces, Messages, Mail, and Credits — each of them aimed at making your experience in moving from one point to the other easy.

The Search menu allows the user to use filters and search for a girl that matches a person’s preferences.

The Face menu presents you with faces of potential lovers and gives the option of skipping a picture to move to the next until you get that which excites you to initiate a chat.

Messages menu makes it possible to send instant messages and keeps a history of all past conversations. The mail is a provision that allows the exchange of files and messages with the people whom you have created contact within the Amour Feel platform.

The Credits section provides you with information relating to your account balance.

How to Search and Sort the current Users

Now that you are a registered user, the next thing is to search and sort the girls on the site. You can search in two different ways which are the basic search or extended search.

amourfeel extended search

In extended search you search using various filters such as:

  • religion
  • age
  • education level
  • country
  • marital status
  • habits

Communication in Amour Feel Platform

A good dating site is that which offers good communication options. Amour Feel is an excellent site since it provides members everything necessary for the interaction. You can choose to communicate by sending text messages, sending emails, sharing photos, sharing contact details, giving gifts and can seek help from the support at any time of the day.

amourfeel chat

AmourFeel Users profile

A profile in the platform contains all the necessary information about the user. It includes:

  • image
  • name
  • age
  • location
  • level of education
  • language
  • sexual orientation
  • religion
  • occupation
  • eye color
  • hair color
  • height
  • weight
  • personal preferences

Making Payments on the Site

If you want to read messages sent by singles in Amour Feel, send letters, emails, or any other method of communication available, you have to purchase credits. You can choose to use the site without paying credits, but the painful truth is that you will see beautiful girls and handsome men, but you won’t communicate with them.

amourfeel presents

Buying credits is easy. All you need to do is to try sending one of the cuties a message, a present or any other communication service which will prompt you to pay. You will only spend $2.99 to buy 20 credits and get access to all the fantastic features offered by the site.

Besides, Amour Feel provides you a welcome package after the registration with a welcome bonus of extra 20 credits free of charge.

AmourFeel Pros and Cons


  • Thousands of Users
  • Secure and Confidential


  • Cost

User Support

AmourFeel pays attention to customer wishes and demands. You can contact the customer support staff at any time of the day by sending an email to support@amourfeel.com.

The staff members do not disclose the personal information of the members. Your financial information is adequately protected. In short, the platforms protect you from everything other than falling in love with the lovely babes.

Final word

After reading the AmourFeel review, it can be clearly seen that its merits outdo those of similar sites and therefore a good option. As mentioned earlier, making the right decision on the platform to use, warrants you success in search of a partner. Presence of users ready to chat with you, tight security and confidentiality make your experience blissful and satisfying. Do not let the opportunity of dating your dream girl slip by. Amour Feel is a great dating site, signup to enjoy!

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