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LoveFort Site Review

LoveFort Site Review

Meeting women from other countries is now easier than ever, and there are lots of dating sites that allow you to do it. LoveFort.com is a dating service known for its many positive features. In our LoveFort dating site review, we decided to take a closer look at the site and its features to answer the most important question: should you register on it?

Our first impressions

When you visit LoveFort.com for the first time, you will instantly realize that you can’t actually see any women’s profiles until you create your own. Luckily, this process is both free and easy on LoveFort. To sign up for the site, you need to provide your email and password, specify your name and birthdate, and pick a gender. You will need to confirm your email to continue using the site, but you can do it later.

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Creating your profile

LoveFort has a second stage of the registration process. Here you will need to tell more about your personality, your taste in women, and your expectations from your next relationship. In the end, you will get an opportunity to upload your profile picture and send likes to a few women selected for you by the system. LoveFort allows you to skip one or all of the questions, but if you want your experience on the site to be successful, we definitely recommend telling as much about your dating life to LoveFort.com as possible.

The audience of LoveFort

As you can find out from other LoveFort reviews, it positions itself as a dating site for international relationships, but it’s primarily created for Western men searching for a Latin girlfriend. Most of the women on the site are from one of several Latin American countries, including Colombia, Brazil, and Mexico. There are also some other nationalities represented on the site, but Latin singles make up the biggest part of its audience. After checking hundreds of profiles, we determined that most of the girls on the site are under 35, but there are enough women over 40 to meet if you’re into older ladies.

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How to look for your matches

LoveFort offers two ways to discover the girls on the site. First, you can try the Faces feature, where the system pulls up 20 random profile photos of women and you can either visit their full profiles, like them, or skip them to see the next photos. However, the feature that gives you the best opportunity to find your ideal match is the search. With the help of the search on LoveFort.com, you can filter the ladies with a dozen of parameters, from their age and location to their marital status, number of children, and smoking or drinking habits.

Contacting the women on LoveFort

On LoveFort, you have several options when you want to reach out to the women. There is the perfect contact feature for every dating style and stage of the relationship. The communication features on the site include:

  • chat;
  • mail;
  • photo exchange;
  • gift delivery;
  • setting up a date.
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Prices offered by LoveFort

LoveFort is a dating service that doesn’t charge you anything simply for being a member and exploring the site. Thanks to the credit system, you only pay for the features you actually use. For example, reading a letter from a lady costs 10 credits, and sending a letter to a girl costs 10 credits for the first one and 30 for each subsequent one. Every new member of LoveFort can get 20 bonus credits for free and then choose one of the following credit packages:

  • $19.99 for 50 credits;
  • $44.99 for 125 credits;
  • $69.99 for 250 credits;
  • $149.99 for 750 credits.
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Safety and customer support

With online dating, being cautious is the best way to stay secure, but LoveFort is also doing its part to maintain a safe dating environment for everyone. One of its most innovative features is the system of profile validation. With this system, any woman on the site can upload her official ID and prove that she’s actually the person behind the profile, and you, in turn, can know exactly who you’re talking to. Other safety measures on LoveFort include a detailed security guide in the FAQ, as well as an easily accessible customer support system.

Pros and cons of LoveFort


  • huge audience of foreign women;
  • variety of contact features to use;
  • detailed search and profiles;
  • pay only for the features you actually need.


  • mobile apps are not available yet;
  • the complete registration process can take over 10 minutes.

To sum up

If your goal is to meet a foreign lady for a relationship, LoveFort is the place where you need to be. With its contemporary design, straightforward approach to pricing, and big, active audience of foreign girls, LoveFort is definitely a strong contender for the title of a top dating site. Plus, it allows you to build a relationship on your own terms without any pressure to commit to anyone, so you can have as much freedom as you want.

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