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AmourFactory Site Review

AmourFactory Site Review

Love knows no bounds. But you already know that, don’t you? What you probably can’t put your finger on is why local and offline relationships fail yet you both had the advantage of interacting on a face-to-face level.

Have your previous relationships hit a snag one after another? Are you tired of running on the same love treadmill and not being able to achieve anything? Have you ever thought that maybe your luck could come through online dating?

In this age where social media rules, dating through the internet is a norm. If you look around closely, you’ll realize one of your friends or relatives have successfully dated through online channels. What’s more, is that everyone (both introverts and extroverts) has massive chances of success.

Do you know AmourFactory? This is a dating site that allows men and women to find love over the internet. They have seriously sophisticated algorithms that guide you to people who are on the lookout for someone like you. Basically, it uses your info to scout their system and pull out profiles of the lovers you are interested in.

This AmourFactory review will thoroughly examine this service from top to bottom so you decide if it’s the right platform for your needs. Let’s get rolling.

amourfactory site

About AmourFactory dating site

This is a reputable dating platform with almost a decade of service. They pride themselves for having connected many people who are now happy couples and family members. Unlike most services, this one keeps reinventing itself so they are up-to-date with the demands of the current dating. This could be one of the reasons why they have many sign-ups all through the year.

As an exhaustive dating service, any person can get what they are looking for. Of course, there are rules and guidelines in place to ensure each member has a good time while looking for their better half.

AmourFactory’s website overlay

Looks do matter, and that is why most websites strive to provide their visitors with an impressive user interface. AmourFactory isn’t different. When you land on their site, the first thing you see is the registration form.

The site loads pretty fast too. As you scroll downwards, every element of their service from value proposition to their certifications show up. All in all, this is a highly professional site that makes your online dating journey both memorable and fruitful.

The Registration process

AmourFactory dating website makes registration brief and painless. After all, you are not applying for a VISA or something. You just need to provide an email, password, date of birth, your name and gender. These details are enough to give you access to where the magic happens.

The signup process is free and takes barely a minute. However, you will spend a few more minutes to provide more info about yourself and what you are looking for.

Quality of search tool

In a pool of thousands of users, it can be so hard to look for your ideal partner. You would take weeks and even months to get a single member that meets your expectations. This site makes this simple though by including a search bar on their website.

The search tool comes in two forms; simple search and extended search. The former filters results based on online presence, age and validation status. Since it runs on a few metrics, it pulls up many profiles.

amourfactory extended search

If you have specific interests in mind like someone with a kid, smokes, drinks, is well educated or from a particular country, you can use the extended search bar. It helps you narrow down the results so you can focus on a few people. You don’t get charged to use any of the search tools.

Members available

This dating platform has thousands of active users. This means there is always a member online waiting to chat with someone. Most users are ladies from eastern European countries like Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Moldova, Poland, and Kazakhstan. A larger percentage of them come from Ukraine though.

Let’s talk about beauty. This AmourFactory site review can confirm without a shred of doubt that they stock some of the hottest Eastern European girls on the planet. This is one of the reasons why many young and old lovers prefer to use this site.

Behavior-wise, no one can guarantee that because this varies from one individual to another. While at this, let’s point out that it’s a fallacy to think any diva-like girl is an attention seeker, drama queen, and trouble maker. There are many women on AmourFactory who look like models and have the manners of our grandparents.

Nevertheless, there will be many options to choose from and you have to be ready to talk to more than one person. Just because someone dropped in your inbox doesn’t mean you have to focus on her-unless, of course, she ticks all your boxes.

Quality of profiles

No one would sign up to a site that doesn’t provide sufficient information about members. You need to know more than just a name. AmourFactory.com dating site has the best quality profiles anyone could wish for. Besides the name, you get to see where your date comes from, their age, profile photos, and their online status.

The more info you see, the easier it becomes for you to make a decision about someone. Furthermore, it cuts down the time you could have spent finding out more about your date. The service insists on using the best images so be ready to see other members in their full glamor.

Communication features

People fall in love with you because they like your personality-how you look, talk, and dress. But for all these traits to be visible to the other party, you must be able to communicate via more than a single channel. AmourFactory website knows this and that is why they have multiple communication gateways.

amourfactory chat


The first and most common is instant chat. This is the most affordable way to get to know the other person. It mainly involves exchanging messages in live chat. The chat history doesn’t get deleted. You can always revisit your conversations. We suggest taking some time knowing each other via this method before moving on to another one. No matter how lean your budget is, don’t get stuck to this method throughout because live chats get boring with time.


The second most popular channel is mail. It’s simply an extension of live chat with room to type longer messages. You attach a photo or video link alongside the message. This another cool way to show the person on the other side how much you love them. It’s also the best way to get the attention of members who are not yet online.


Another way to convey your message is through winks. Winking is still a powerful gesture to get the attention of someone. It worked for most of us and still is. Same to winks, you can send stickers too. Not only do these animate conversations but they simplify conversations.

Recorded videos

AmourFactory doesn’t support live video calls. However, you can still converse through recorded videos that can be shared through links. This is a high-end service and therefore could cost a few more credits than live chat.

Special services

When communicating with potential soul mates, you might want to take things a notch higher. In such cases, you can take advantage of AmourFactory’s flowers and presents service. This remains to be the grandest way to not only show love but elicit similar emotions from the other party.

So what do they stock for this? Well, they have fresh flowers, candies, chocolate bars, gift cards, and many other nice things.

Arranging a date

AmourFactory goes out of their way to help you set up a physical meeting. This provides a chance for you to see your partner in real life and take things to another level. They usually select a venue for you and even provide any assistance needed. This is another of those costly packages, though.


Pricing can determine if a person is going to use a service or not. In comparison to other dating sites, this one is affordable. In most places, you would be given 50 credits for around $25 or more. AmourFactory gives you the same number at a measly $19.99. Other plans include:

  • 125 credits: $44.99
  • 250 credits: $69.99
  • 750 credits: $149.99

The bigger the package, the less you spend in the end. While some websites insist on monthly subscriptions, this platform lets you roll at your pace and purchase credit when you only need to talk.

amourfactory presents

Do not worry so much about pricing or insist on extremely cheaper services. The thing with money is that you get what you paid for. So the question you should be asking is; how much value can I get?

Safety and security

AmourFactory puts your safety above everything else and that is why every member is required to verify their identity. Those who complete this process earn a badge that explicitly shows their verified profiles. Always engage such users because they are real. You should also have your own ways of vetting users before investing your emotions on them.

Customer support

This dating service has active customer support that you can turn to whenever you have a query. They are available 24/7 to handle payment, fraud, and other pressing issues. You can also use their FAQ section to get answers to some questions.

AmourFactory pros and cons


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable packages
  • Extensive search tool
  • A massive number of users
  • Responsive matching algorithm
  • Impressive customer support
  • Possible to send gifts and flowers


  • Narrow chances of getting women from other parts of the world
  • Advanced services could be costly for some people


If you are tired of free sites or paid ones with very little substance, you can jump ship and join AmourFactory. With over a decade of service and an uncountable number of satisfied users, you will get more than what your money was worth.

Furthermore, they have plenty of communication tools and a massive number of users to talk to. In case of a problem, their admin is active and will get your issues attended to. If you know how to navigate the treacherous waters of online dating, your chances of succeeding on AmourFactory will be super high. All the best and don’t forget to have a little fun while at it.

Kevin Bennett
Kevin Bennet is our editor, expert, and psychologist who helps the entire team of RussBrides to develop the view of the dating industry from psychological perspectives, understand how it can change people’s lives, and establish effective dating strategies for our site visitors to improve their online dating experience.
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